Project: Cosáin Virtual – Exploring digital art in the physical world

Cosáin Virtual is a visual art project based on positive mental health for the residents surrounding Barna Woods in County Galway. The project aims to design and create location-based augmented reality artworks at Barna Woods, County Galway. The AR experience connects the audience with nature, positive mental health and technology. The project is a collaboration between Samir… | Read on »

Experimenting: Algorithmic Poetry

Sample of work created during “Algorithmic Poetry – Speculative Imagination, Machine Learning and Code Studies“, run by the School of Machines, Making & Make-believe in November/December 2020. Love Letters reimplementation, copyright 2014, Nick Montfort, based on a 1952 program by Christopher Strachey This poetry generator adapts Nick Montfort’s “Love Letters“. It is adapted to use… | Read on »

Project: Layered Landscapes – Augmented Reality (AR)

Layered Landscapes is an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) application, which layers elements of research projects that focus on natural, historical and cultural heritage, and their interpretations of landscape. The project brought these elements together with topographical data, and Tim Robinson’s detailed mapping of the Connemara landscape. When viewed through the app, the map is presented in 3D,… | Read on »

Talk: Web Maps and Data Visualisation

Presented at the Moore Institute, NUI Galway as part of a series of informal workshops to share practice-based expertise, know-how and experience in technologies and method, useful to anyone engaged in Digital Scholarship type activity. This workshop introduced key aspects of visualising research data using web-based maps. Participants had the opportunity to get hands-on and… | Read on »

Talk: Interactive Data Visualisation for Researchers

These slides are from a workshop given to Early Career Researchers and Doctoral Students as part of NARTI (Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative) at Northumbria Business School, Newcastle, UK in January 2018. This was part of a 1-day workshop on Positioning Your Research for Impact and Interactive Data Visualisation. The aim was to provide participants… | Read on »

Talk: Introduction to Interactive Data Visualisation

As part of a session on Infographics & Data Visualisation for researchers from the Moore Institute and the Whitaker Institute, I gave a talk on an “Introduction to Interactive Data Visualisation” – you can see the slide-deck below, or on SpeakerDeck. The talk covered examples of data visualisation, some areas to avoid, and examples of… | Read on »

EU Code Week – Coding in Galway’s Primary Schools

Last week was EU Code Week, where children were encouraged to take part in an Hour of Code. It’s part of an initiative to help build digital literacy in young people. Read more about the initiative in Galway2020’s introduction to the project.     The week ended with 74 primary schools taking part – meaning… | Read on »