Data Visualisation

Dáil Transcript Data Visualisation – Graphing Speakers & Named Entities

I recently published a visualisation of content from a selection of Dáil (Irish Parliament) transcripts – it is available at Data used for the project was published on GitHub by It covers transcripts between the 17th January, 2014 and the 17th July, 2014. Data is displayed as a graph, that shows what speakers talked about what people,  organisations, or locations… | Read on »

Illustrating PhD research projects

As one part of the official opening of the new Hardiman Research Building at NUI Galway, there was a showcase of some of the 250 PhD research projects the building now houses. To give some sense of the breadth of the projects, and the diversity of the researchers working on them, I used the project titles along with the researcher… | Read on »

NUI Galway Citation Network – Data Visualisation

A work-in-progress interactive visualisation of a citation network (graph) of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies, and Business, Public Policy & Law. It shows co-authored publications listed by researchers across the Colleges’ various disciplines. This is a (very) rough first pass using data that displays over 5900 people, and the co-authorship connections… | Read on »

Data Visualisation: Primary Schools in Ireland

I’ve put an early version of some data visualisation work I’ve been playing with up at I’ve been interested in the types of open data that are available in Ireland, and because primary schools are something we’ve been looking at anyway, it seemed like a good place to start experimenting. I found data published by… | Read on »