Data Visualisation: Primary Schools in Ireland

I’ve put an early version of some data visualisation work I’ve been playing with up at I’ve been interested in the types of open data that are available in Ireland, and because primary schools are something we’ve been looking at anyway, it seemed like a good place to start experimenting. I found data published by… | Read on »

Front-end development – Talk

As one of the workshops for this year’s competition, I gave a talk on front-end web development. It looks at some of current trends in front-end development, my workflow, and interesting front-end technologies (especially those of use to the students taking part in competition).

Bringing Bizcamp to Galway, Sept 2010

For the first time, Bizcamp is being run in Galway this September 11th. I’ve been to those run in Dublin and Limerick in the past, and they’ve been a worthwhile trip. It can be a great place to meet mix of like-minded people – from those who have been through the mill of setting up… | Read on »

091Labs has a new home

Congrats to the 091Labs guys on putting this together, it looks like a great space with some massive potential. Their new home is in Foster Street in Galway. Nice work!

Us Now

I’ve been posting quite a view videos recently, which is strange because I don’t spend that much time watching them online….but I thought this one was worth sharing. It’s a documentary about new forms of collaboration and social media technologies. I came to it via a tweet by @marklittlenews last night. It seems to have… | Read on »


Galway, New Years Day, 2010 Came across this great video – someone in Failte Ireland or Look West should be giving him money for it and using it to promote Galway.


Had to take an unexpected / unplanned trip to Singapore on Tuesday.  Lovely place. There’s a few other in a set over here.

Flash Mob Cork

Bumped into this last weekend on Patrick Street in Cork (some pretty shakey camera work…but you’ll get the idea). The guy dancing up in the window was the best bit!