Data Visualisation: Primary Schools in Ireland

I’ve put an early version of some data visualisation work I’ve been playing with up at I’ve been interested in the types of open data that are available in Ireland, and because primary schools are something we’ve been looking at anyway, it seemed like a good place to start experimenting. I found data published by… | Read on »

Front-end development – Talk

As one of the workshops for this year’s competition, I gave a talk on front-end web development. It looks at some of current trends in front-end development, my workflow, and interesting front-end technologies (especially those of use to the students taking part in competition).

Bringing Bizcamp to Galway, Sept 2010

For the first time, Bizcamp is being run in Galway this September 11th. I’ve been to those run in Dublin and Limerick in the past, and they’ve been a worthwhile trip. It can be a great place to meet mix of like-minded people – from those who have been through the mill of setting up… | Read on »

Replace the Euro Symbol (€) using Javascript (jQuery)

I spent a while on Friday searching for a way to replace the Euro symbol (€) in content pulled from a text area, using Javascript (jQuery). As it took me some time to track down an answer, here it is: var theContent = $(‘#theTextArea’).val().replace(/\u20ac/g, ‘Euro’); This replaces using a global search to find instances of… | Read on »

Installing Apache alongside IIS for Zend PHP Framework

After deciding to experiment with the Zend PHP Framework for web application development, I needed to install Apache on a local machine for development. I’m a novice when it comes to Web Server configuration / installation, but after reading the installation would take 15-20 minutes, I started feeling pretty dumb after a few hours of… | Read on »