These publications relate to my role as Digital Humanities Manager (and previously, Research Technologist for Humanities & Social Sciences) at NUI Galway:

  • Stansbury, M., Kelly, D (2018), “The Future of Collaboration“, at Digital Cultures, Big Data and Society Symposium, 15-16 February 2018, Royal Irish Academy & UCD Humanities Institute
  • Kelly, D., Tonra, J., Reid, L. (2017), “Personæ: A Character-Visualisation Tool for Dramatic Texts“, in Digital Humanities 2017 Conference, 8 – 11 August, Montreál, Canada. View Presentation Slides and Abstract.
  • Coolahan, M.-L., Kelly, D. (2017), “Digital Representation and Analysis of Reception, Circulation and Intertextual Relationships: Impact and Early Modern Women’s Writing“, as part of panel: “Only Connect!: Intertextuality, Circulation, and Networks in Digital Resources for Women’s Writing”, in Digital Humanities 2017 Conference, 8 – 11 August, Montreál, Canada. View Panel Abstract.
  • Kelly, D., Tonra, J., Reid, L. (2017), “Patterns of character & structure in Shakespeare: Exploring approaches to data visualisation“, Other Codes/Cóid Eile Conference, 11-12 May, Galway, Ireland. View Presentation Slides
  • Barr, R., Kelly, D., Tonra, J. (2014), “Ossian Online: Crowdsourcing Annotation and the Social Edition“, Poster Presentation, Experimental Interfaces for Reading 2.0, 18-20 Sept, Chicago, USA.

These publications relate to both IT Standards for Ambient Intelligence, and Open Source Software.

Other Publications

  • Feller, J., Finnegan, P., Kelly, D., MacNamara, M. (2005) “Initial Characterisation and Roadmap of Libre Software Development”, Deliverable 1.1, European Commission Report for IST Project Number 04337, CALIBRE (Co-ordination Action for Libre Software Engineering for Open Development Platforms for Software and Services); Available at