As a point of contrast, we have generated a second visualisation for The Winter’s Tale from the code initially developed for The Comedy of Errors. Even a cursory comparison of these two visualisations provides insights into the radically different structure of The Comedy of Errors (one of Shakespeare’s earliest pieces, closely modelled on a prior Roman comedy) and The Winter’s Tale (one of the so-called tragicomedies or romances, produced at the end of his career). In opposition to the intricate patterning of the successive conversations between the former’s Dromios and Antipholuses, The Winter’s Tale visually parses into two distinct halves: highlighting the dialogue of Leontes and Hermione alongside that of Florizell and Perdita, for instance, demonstrates the stark separation of these two couples throughout the play and foregrounds the nested quality of the Florizell-Perdita narrative within the Leontes-Hermione frame tale.

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