Tuesday Push

Email Marketing with Toddle (Tuesday Push)

It’s Tuesday Push time again. This time around it’s Toddle who do simple email newsletters. Toddle allows you to easily create email newsletters and send them to as many people as you want. They offer this for either free, or for €6, depending on the design you go for….a good deal. I’ve played about with… | Read on »

More Tuesday Pushing – Pix.ie

It’s that time again, and today’s Tuesday Push is the Irish photo sharing site Pix.ie. As I always forget to bring a camera anywhere, I rarely have many photos to upload, so, as with my Flickr account, my Pix.ie account hasn’t been getting a huge amount of use. That said, in the spirit of of… | Read on »

1Time Timetracking (another Tuesday Push)

The second Tuesday Push is 1time Timetracking . As with the last push, I’ve been using 1time on and off for a while now.  Here’s how they pitch the service: 1time is a web-based time and expense tracking application that allows you to easily keep track of real time project costs. 1time will reduce non-billable… | Read on »

Putplace Beta (…and the Tuesday Push)

I’ve just been reading an excellent idea on Damian Mulley’s blog about helping the development of the Irish Tech community in a coordinated way. The “Tuesday Push” idea is to focus on a different Irish tech company / product announcement every second Tuesday. This week, the company is Putplace, a company providing online data storage…. | Read on »