Give a Gift & BTKids

As good causes go, this one was worth a quick post. If you’re feeling full of Christmas spirit at the moment, why not spread some around by giving a gift to the kids at Temple Street Hospital. You can find a list of the gifts, broken down by age-group, on the¬†wish-list page. You can donate… | Read on »

Some Linkage

The Mary Harney hair-do saga gets some further investigation (some may find images disturbing). Niall give some advice for budding online foodies. Lots of the advice is good for keeping up with any subject you’re interested in. Digital Rights Ireland suggest Taking a Closer Look at Surveillance. Ever been taken by surprise by terrorism? “Don’t… | Read on »

Some Linkage

I stopped posting links here a while ago – I had been pulling them straight from Delicious, but I just ended up with lots of lists that were cluttering up the blog and were of no real use to anyone. So these have some reasons attached (apart from them being of interest), First off, The… | Read on »

And….we’re done – Barkcamp Cork, ’08

Ok, so a slightly late look back on Barcamp Cork which was on Saturday in the Cork Webworks. As I said, the community spirit is alive and well in the Cork Tech community. Over 100 people showed up, mainly from Cork, but also from Dublin, Galway (well, me anyway), and also from the North. There… | Read on »

Barcamp Cork II

I’m heading to Cork for Barcamp next weekend (1st of November). There are lots of interesting sessions planned by the looks of things, and a good list of people attending so far. And it’s still a week away. The sessions cover everything from the technical to the business side of working with the web, with… | Read on »

Poverty, Ireland, and the Web – Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action Day ’08, which has the theme of Poverty. The idea behind Blog Action Day is that people give their time, support or blog over to the worthwhile theme of Poverty. Because it’s worthwhile, I spent a bit of time learning about something I knew very little about: Poverty in Ireland. In… | Read on »

Support Autism with O2

Having seen the roasting O2 have received on some blogs recently, it’s good to be able to write something positive about them. They are running an initiative with Irish Autism Action to donate 5% of your monthly spend to Autism services in your community. O2 customers can participate by texting the word AUTISM to 50308… | Read on »

A missing week

I’ve been away on a well needed, and long overdue, holiday in the sun for the past 10 days (and congrats to Gus & Ger on their wedding – everyone had a great time!). It helped sort out that burnt out feeling that was giving me shudders down my spine at the mere sight of… | Read on »

Twitter & Social Network Analysis Apps

I’ve used social network analysis in the past as a basis for identifying companies & individuals of interest within research I was doing. Social Network Analysis gives a way of analysing and conceptualising social relationships. It focuses on ways of visualising these relationships in a network structure (Explanation adapted from de Nooy, et al –… | Read on »

A 5/5 Review for Loudervoice Simple SMS Reviews

I just saw that Loudervoice have launched Simple SMS Reviews. Good idea! The instructions are pretty much child proof – put the letters “Re” in front of your review, send it off to the number they provide, and the world will know what you think…. Loudervoice is a web-based service by Cork company Argolon Solutions… | Read on »