Decisions for Heroes ~ Tuesday Push

Decisions For Heroes - Rescue team management and analytics.
This time around, the Tuesday Push is the newly launched Decisions for Heroes . Their pitch is:

We’re helping emergency services save more lives by making better decisions. Decisions for Heroes is a collaborative rescue team management tool, that helps record and analyse rescue operations

When they say they’ve launched a web application “that saves lives”, it gets you thinking! It does look like they’ve got something that is useful, helpful & worthwhile. I haven’t played with the system itself, but based on the comprehensive system tour given on their site, it looks like a fantastic piece of work.

The service is the first product launched by Bytesurgery, a Dublin based digital media company, who’s founder Robin Blandford is a mountain rescue volunteer. Creating an application based on your own experience gives you a great insight into the needs of those you’re serving, and judging by the early uptakes of the service by rescue teams around the world, it seems to have worked well here.

I saw a very good 120 second pitch by Robin to a panel at Future of Web Apps in Dublin, where he said Decisions for Heroes “was like BaseCamp for Danger” (one of the panel was David Heinemeier Hansson, part of the company behind Basecamp). Based on how he described the market’s size and needs in that pitch, it looks like he’s got a great niche to target.

I particularly like that the application is targeted at a market outside the technology area – there aren’t many web applications that are so far removed from the office environment; it’s something that I think will start to happen more and more as the technologies & the SaaS approach to delivery continues to mature.

Generally when doing these Tuesday Pushes, I try to give some areas for improvement with the application or the interface design. As I haven’t played with the system itself, it’s difficult to do this. I will say that having looked at the screenshots, they’ve gone for a clean & simple design which will suit their users perfectly. It’s summed up in a line on their homepage that says “Nobody likes reading manuals, so we’ve made things really easy“; that’s the perfect way to approach how an application should look & function. Nice work Decisions for Heroes.


Forgot to mention – nice foresight by them too on buying the mis-spelling of their domain name (which is what I linked to earlier on Twitter  :) ).

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