Some Linkage

The Mary Harney hair-do saga gets some further investigation (some may find images disturbing).

Niall give some advice for budding online foodies. Lots of the advice is good for keeping up with any subject you’re interested in.

Digital Rights Ireland suggest Taking a Closer Look at Surveillance.

Ever been taken by surprise by terrorism? “Don’t be caught unprepared in the case of another terrorism attack” – there’s a sales pitch. It’s for the Terrorism Survival Bundle, which includes a Terrorism Travel Planner (International & US versions)…always going to be handy I’m sure. [Via here]

ReadWriteWeb have some thoughts from some of their sponsor companies on whether a Product roadmap should be Transparent or Secret. Personally, I’d go for secret when it comes to particular features.

Here are some Dirty Little Web Development Tricks. And another list of freelance business advice. Some good stuff in both lists.

Interested in Open Source Software? The first OSSBarcamp in Dublin is on March 28th. They’ve started looking for topics & speakers.