Loudervoice get a Tuesday Push

Loudervoice Logo I posted quite recently about this Tuesday’s pushee, Loudervoice. Loudervoice is a web-based service developed by Cork company Argolon Solutions. It allows users to publish reviews of anything they want, from pretty much anywhere they want. Well, almost anywhere – from their own blog (this review will show up on LouderVoice), from Twitter, by SMS, or directly through the site. It’s a great idea that’s been well implemented.

In the last few days they have launched business services. The pitch for their new offering being that their:

…solutions put customer reviews on your site. We offer a range of systems which scale from one-person companies to global businesses. In every case they help grow your sales and retain customers

Again, another good idea. I think people are always more likely to accept independent reviews, rather than a blurb on a website. By offering companies a simple way to collect and display reviews over the web, as well as providing a way to gather SMS reviews from customers, I think they’re offering some useful services. By moving the way they accept reviews off the web (by SMS), they’re giving companies such as bars and restaurants a way to benefit from technologies that they would not have had experience with in the past.

The last time I wrote about Loudervoice, I said I was impressed with the innovative ways in which they offer their services. As they’ve added more, and a business model that looks sustainable, they deserve the success I’m sure they’ll get. A good starting point for that is that they’ve been short-listed for an Irish Web Award in the Best New Web Application/Service category.

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