A 5/5 Review for Loudervoice Simple SMS Reviews

I just saw that Loudervoice have launched Simple SMS Reviews. Good idea! The instructions are pretty much child proof – put the letters “Re” in front of your review, send it off to the number they provide, and the world will know what you think….

Loudervoice is a web-based service by Cork company Argolon Solutions Limited. At first look it’s a service that allows you to create a profile and enter your reviews of products, restaurants, or anything else that takes your fancy. What makes it different to anything I’ve seen before is how they let you publish your review. Instead of getting you to visit their site every time you want to review something, they let you post your reviews in different places,  for example on your blog, on twitter, or by sms. The review will then be pulled into Loudervoice for others to read. A great idea.