Busy Week….& Crewger

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Had a hectic week this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday I was down in Cork for a few bits and pieces. I did a half day of Media Training on Wednesday in an excellent session run by Damien Mulley. PR & the media is an area that I didn’t know a huge amount about. I learned a lot, and met a nice bunch of people too. Always an added bonus.  The course was run in the Cork International Airport Hotel….it’s got nice food, free wifi, and décor that for some reason reminds me of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas!

In the middle of it all I forgot to do anything for the Tuesday Push – this time around it’s for Crewger. Not being a film maker, I haven’t had any experience with Crewger, so, In their own words they are:

…an organisation dedicated to the advancement of the Irish film community by facilitating the production, promotion and exhibition of original content by film-makers of all ages and backgrounds working in Ireland today.

I was looking through the site, and I think one of the most useful functions (for filmmakers) will be the ability to find film crew in Ireland. I’m sure budding film makers will appreciate access to a directory of actors, directors, editors, etc. There’s also a community section where members can show off some of their work to whoever’s passing by. The site is yet to fully launch, but I’m sure that when it does it will be a big help to their community.

As an aside, I wonder if non-tech people understand what “Beta” means when they see it on a site?