1Time Timetracking (another Tuesday Push)

1Time LogoThe second Tuesday Push is 1time Timetracking . As with the last push, I’ve been using 1time on and off for a while now.  Here’s how they pitch the service:

1time is a web-based time and expense tracking application that allows you to easily keep track of real time project costs. 1time will reduce non-billable time in your company. Each employee gets their own login and reminders so you don’t have to micro manage recording timesheets.

When I started out working for myself last year I needed a way to figure out how much time I was spending on various projects. Excel seemed like a reasonable option. But after a few weeks of that it got really messy, so I gave up and started looking for an online solution.  After taking a look at a few options out there, I came across 1time Online time tracking software.

The service makes adding and viewing projects & clients easy to do; I haven’t explored what’s available within the employees section (…not really needed at the moment!). I haven’t really got any any negatives to point out about the service – the design of the service makes it very usable, and it does what it says: makes tracking your time & project expenses easier. The only problem I have with it is that I often forget to enter the timesheet info for different projects….but then that’s not really their fault!

The best feedback I can give is that I’ve recommended it to a number people in the past, both online and offline, that were looking to add some structure to how they managed their freelance work.

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