PicLens – Immersive Photography Slideshows

PicLens is a web application that allows you to view photographs & images as a 3D “immersive” slideshow. It’s one of the most impressive web applications I’ve seen, and is well worth checking out.

To use it, you need to install a plugin (which is easy to do from their homepage), and view websites that are set up for it (including Google Images, Facebook, Bebo, Flickr, and lots more – full list on their site). When looking at pictures on these sites, you can choose to view in full screen by clicking on the “Play” button shown when you hold the mouse over an image, and you’ll see a “wall” of images that you can zoom in and out from.

An example of a portion of the results for a Google Images Search for “Galway” is shown below:

PicLens Google Images Screenshot

The plugin is fast, and works on Windows & Mac on Firefox, Internet Explorer & and Safari. There are tools for creating PicLens slideshows on their site, as well as a link to WordPress plugin.